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Get in quick and enter these UK online competitions before they expire. All these competitions are closing soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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christmas competition raffle


12 Days Of Christmas Competition – 20 Prize Raffle 🎁20 CHANCES TO WIN! 🎁 Free to enter, 1 entry per person

🎅 Here is the full list of 20 prizes in Santa’s sack:

1. 🎭 Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall Panto Tickets
2-3. 🧗‍♂️YMCA Newark and Sherwood Climbing Voucher & Malt Cross Sunday Lunch
4. 🌸 Debbie Bryan Mini Wreath Making Crafternoon
5. 🏇 Nottingham Racecourse 2024 Season Ticket
6. 🗺️ GoQuest Adventures Nottingham Quest for 5
7. 🏡 Village Holidays 2-Night Stay
8-9. 🦖 Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf Tickets
10. 🍣 Uramaki Handmade custom A4 Luxury Sushi case
11. 🍇 Hanwell Wine Estate Vineyard Trail & Wine Tasting
12. 🍰 Woodborough Hall Afternoon Tea for Two
13. 🎭 Nottingham Arts Theatre Sleeping Beauty Panto Tickets
14-15. 🍻 Castle Rock Brewery Beer Gin Set & £25 Gift Card
16. ⛳ The Lost City Adventure Golf Family Pass
17. 🏨 Park Plaza Nottingham Overnight Stay & Chino Latino 3 course Meal
18. 🍜 Pho Nottingham £100 Gift Voucher
19. 🎉 Binks Yard Christmas Dome & Drink Experience
20. 🕹️ Meetspacevr Nottingham Zero Latency Experience for 4

Closes 12/12/2023

⚠️T’s and Cs (Full list on competition page)
⚠️One prize per entrant.
⚠️All winners will be drawn at random on 13th December 2023.
⚠️Prize allocations are final, no swapping prizes.
⚠️Visit Nottinghamshire will never ask for financial information to confirm a winner.
⚠️No cash alternatives.
⚠️Please see individual prize descriptions for further T&Cs for specific prizes.… Read the rest

Win an Air Fryer


Hey, giveaway fans! 🌟 Want to win an Air Fryer? Here’s your golden opportunity. The Free Club Air Fryer Giveaway is your ticket to win an Air Fryer. They’re offering a £75 Amazon voucher, which is just perfect for securing that dream Airfryer. And hey, you might even have some left for a nifty recipe book.

Eager to win an Air Fryer? Dive into the Free Club Air Fryer Giveaway. It’s your chance to grab that victory!

A quick heads-up: we’re not orchestrating this. We’re just the messengers, sharing the scoop on the Free Club Air Fryer Contest. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love spreading good news? For the nitty-gritty details, terms, and conditions, you’ll want to head over to their site… Read the rest



Wholistic Natural Health is excited to announce its monthly giveaway, featuring a fantastic prize up for grabs. This time around, participants have the incredible opportunity to win a cutting-edge hydrogen water generator, completely free of charge.

The giveaway is hosted on the website of Wholistic Natural Health, an organization dedicated to promoting holistic and natural approaches to health and wellness. By visiting the link, you will have the opportunity to participate in the giveaway and potentially win exciting prizes. Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your well-being and discover new products and services that can support your holistic health journey.

Click on the button above to be directed to the giveaway page and take advantage of this incredible opportunity. In conclusion, the profound capabilities of this exceptional machine to produce hydrogen-infused water are truly awe-inspiring. Its consumption yields a plethora of benefits, ranging from cellular rejuvenation to improved nutrient absorption, enhanced blood sugar levels, hydration maintenance, improved blood circulation, radiant skin, heightened cognitive function, effortless bathroom visits, and even the reduction of fat and cholesterol levels. Truly, this innovative invention holds the potential to revolutionize the way we prioritize and optimize our physical well-being.

This giveaway prize draw is an amazing opportunity to participate in, as it offers multiple avenues for entry, thereby enhancing your chances of winning. You can enter through various platforms like social media, their website, and more, and for each entry, you will receive a ticket into their prize draw. The deadline for the Prize Draw is on the 1st of October 2023. To be considered eligible, individuals must be at least 18 years old or older. The complete set of terms and conditions can be found on their official website.… Read the rest

win a dog treat hamper


This month you can win a dog treat hamper worth £50 containing x10 treat pouches of your choice!
There are 21 varieties to choose from, including Grain Free, Superfoods, Calming, Puppy & Training and lots more – a delicious treat for every pooch guaranteed!

Answer the question correctly for your chance to win.
Hint: Cairn Terrier… Read the rest

WIN 2000 pounds in cash! The competition is open to everyone. We want a unique and iconic kit that the Hartlepool Rovers Ladies RFC team will be proud to wear.


Design a new women’s rugby kit and let your imagination run wild for the chance to WIN 2000 pounds in cash!

The competition is open to everyone. We want a unique and iconic kit that the Hartlepool Rovers Ladies RFC team will be proud to wear.

Your ideas can be patterns, stripes, hoops, dots, photos, collage, cut-ups or whatever you think of. The colours are limitless.

The kit can be based on your ideas of sport, women’s sport, the local area, landscape, whatever you chose as a starting point – we are looking for something really UNIQUE showing that the North East is at the leading edge, as a place of innovation, represented by something contemporary and exciting.

Following the tradition of the North East of England as a trailblazer of pioneering innovation, Get Shirty is a new competition backed by England Rugby and Arts Council England which is open to everyone from artists, designers, fashion creatives and anyone with a unique perspective to design a new women’s rugby kit for Hartlepool Rovers Ladies RFC.

The competition celebrates innovation and women’s sport and is part of a wider project from Eden Arts called The Sixty Six which champions the areas surrounding the A66 by proposing a new strategy to ensure that it is seen as the most liveable in the UK, especially for its younger generations.

The terms and conditions and end date are on the competition page on their website.… Read the rest



This month, Wholistic Natural Health is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to thank one of social media followers!

Because this is a global promotion, if you win, the $25 will be converted to your local currency.

How to enter?

To increase your chances of winning, you can follow and like them on any or all of their social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tumblr. Each platform you follow them on will earn you one entry point, so if you follow them on all six, your chances of winning will be six times higher than if you only follow them on one. Full instructions are on their competition page on theri website


18+ worldwide. Full terms and conditions are on their website. Click the button above to find out more.

End date

14th June 2023 @ 8pm… Read the rest



Enter the free contest on Wholistic Natural Health’s social media this month for a chance to win free essential oil blend prizes!

The winner may select between the menopause support blend or the anxiety relief spray.

For more chances to win, you can enter on both Facebook and Instagram.



On their website, there are full terms and conditions.… Read the rest

win a free Apple iPhone 12


The new iPhone 12 is up for grabs! We have found two free-to-enter competitions!!!! One is a product testing comp and the other one is a regular free entry competition that you can enter both online!

How to enter to win a free Apple iPhone 12?

You can enter on the businesses website where all the terms and conditions, instructions will be. Just click either of the buttons below.

About the Apple iphone

The Apple iPhone 12 has amazing high quality video streaming, really fast uploads and downloads , is better for gaming than ever before and has a way better camera than any of the phones released from Apple.

Another benefit that Apple have done on this  odel is made  tougher display glass and it even has   a wireless charger! Very fancy. No more wires!

Want to enter more phone giveaways and competitions? Click here.

The post WIN A FREE APPLE IPHONE 12! (UK) appeared first on Free Competitions.… Read the rest



If you and your family love drinking Coke this is a great online competition we have found to enter for you, where you get the chance to win 6 Coca-Cola Crates! That is a lot of Coco Cola! If you won you would get a different crate of each of their drinks so not just Coca-Cola. You will get a crate of Diet Coke, a crate of Coke Zero, a crate of Cherry Cola, a crate of caffeine-free coca-cola, and a crate of vanilla Coka Cola. So you are guaranteed to get a crate of at least one flavor that you like. You could give a different crate to a different family member or you could have them all to yourself!

So if you love entering competitions to help save you money this one would be handy for the New year and theres nothing to lose to enter either which we like very much.

This competition is free to enter and is especially great for anyone with a large family as this would save you a fortune if you won. The giveaway is run through Nectar Contests and the winner will be selected at the end of the year (31st December 21). They will announce the winner within seven days after the competition has ended.

To enter to win 6 crates of Coca-Cola click here!

Read the rest

win a zoflora bundle


Here’s an online product testing competition for the chance to win a free Zoflora Bundle worth £25! No one enjoys spending their hard money on cleaning products so here is an opportunity to win some for free.

Zoflora is a very popular cleaning brand that is known for killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria including the COVID-19 virus. Cutting through grease and grime . With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it is a very suitable competition for anyone to enter. Plus it is free to enter so it doesn’t cost you anything to enter.

How to enter?

Register your details with them and answer a quick questionnaire of offers. You don’t actually have to opt into any of the offers if you aren’t interested in them and then after that’s finished if you are selected a winner, they will get in contact with you via email. As it is a product testing competition you will be sent the Zoflora Bundle and then all you have to do is write a 500 word written review and add some photos. You might be asked to do a short video review. They will let you know in the email what is required.

To enter to win a free Zoflora Bundle click here!Read the rest

win a gaming console


Here is a free entry competition for UK residents for the chance to win a free gaming console of your choice! That’s right any gaming console of your choice which means can pick out a Nintendo Switch, a Playstation, or an Xbox!!

This competition is not only a good one for gamers but it is good for anyone as anyone! As these game consoles are great to give as gifts.. Gaming consoles aren’t cheap and the great thing about this one is you can choose which one you will get if you win.

The competition is run through Nectar Contests. the eligibility requirements are that you have to be residing in the UK and be over the age of 18.

The winner will get notified by one of the contact methods you provide within 7 days after the competition has ended and if you don’t respond back to them during that time you may forfeit the prize. So if you do enter make sure you pay attention to any emails or phone calls in that time frame so you don’t miss out on getting the prize.… Read the rest

win a xmas cadburys hamper


For all of you who love entering Christmas competitions, here is one that you will love for the chance to win a Xmas Cadburys hamper for free!

There are lots of yummy goodies in this hamper that in total is worth over £250! That includes all of Cadburys best loved chocolates such as Milk tray, Roses, Heros, Double Deckers, Dairy Milk, Caramels, Crunchies, Eclairs, and much much more! Now that’s a lot of chocolate to win!!! You can’t go wrong with Cadburys either it’s hands down the best chocolate out there. If you won you would even have enough chocolate to share with everyone so all your kids, family, and friends will love you!

It is a free entry online competition which means there is nothing to lose either. You just have to fill out a quick survey and then hope for the best! The best types of online competitions are always the free ones!

This competition is run by Nectar Contests and the Rules are as follows-

At least eighteen years of age or older

Living in the United Kingdom

One entry per person

More info on their website.

 … Read the rest

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