Comping Tips

If your serious about wanting win free prizes here are some valuable comping tips which will help you not only enter more competitions easier but will also help increase your chances of winning and also avoid some of the downsides of entering some online free competitions.

Tips for before you get started entering online competitions

Protect yourself from spam and viruses

As most of the free competitions to enter are online it’s important you protect yourself from any websites that are spammy. All the competitions on this website are through all different businesses and although we try to check each one sometimes it’s unavoidable that you might get a spammy one here and there. So in order to protect yourself, it’s important you have antivirus software of your computer to avoid any viruses. There are many free versions available such as avast.

Create a new email account just for entering competitions

It’s also a wise idea to create a new separate email account just for entering competitions. As many online free competitions request an email address in order to be entered and afterwards sometimes you can get bombarded with emails that clog up your personal or professional email accounts with spam which can be annoying. So this way it saves you the frustration. Just remember to always check that email account regularly to see if you’ve actually won any competitions as you don’t want to miss out on any prizes you have one. Another reason to check is that some UK free competitions require you to reply back to them by email for verification. Also, it is important to check your spam folder on a regular basis.

Get a new free SIM Card to use as the phone number if a phone number is required to enter.

Sometimes UK online competitions require you to enter your phone number in order to be entered. This is so they can notify the winner, however, what this also means is that you might get bombarded with telemarketing calls afterwards which no one wants. So in order to avoid this frustration we recommend you get a new separate SIM Card for your phone just for competitions. This way you can just check the voicemails once a week to see if you have won anything.

To help make this easier for you we have a link where you can get a free UK GiffGaff Pay as you go SIM card sent to your house and when you activate it you will receive £5 free credit as well which means it will cost you no money to do this. If your phone is locked to your provider which isn’t GiffGaff then usually you can buy a cheap pay as you go SIM from local supermarkets.

Click this button to order a free pay as you go SIM card


Tips on entering more competitions more quickly and stress-free

If you don’t know already, the secret to successful comping is entering as many free competitions as you possibly can. As the more, you enter the more chances you have of winning. The problem with this is that is can be time-consuming as nearly every competition you requires you to fill in information which can take some time. So something we love is RoboForm.

Roboform is a free safe internet application download where you can sign up for a free account. You enter your information such as your name, phone number and address etc just once in your file and then it can automatically fill in any form you do online automatically so it saves you having to type out the same info again and again for different competitions. It makes entering competitions soooo much easier and so much less stressful so you can enter a lot more competitions in a shorter space of time.


Tips on increasing your chances of winning competitions

Tip 1.

So many people enter all competitions and the more people who enter a competition the less chance you have of you winning, so a way to increase your chances of being the lucky winner is to pick competitions that others might not enter as much. We found that some competitions that ask for more information or require you to do more fewer people enter them simply because they don’t have the time. So this is an awesome opportunity these as not many people enter them so you have a higher chance of winning the prize!

Tip 2.

If a competition asks you to write something such as why you think you should win its definitely worth going into detail to really stand out for from the crowd and also say how much you would really appreciate it. A little nice bit of appreciation can go along way and make you stand out from the crowd.

Tip 3.

You will have more chances of winning competitions the more you enter. It really is a numbers game. When you see successful compers who win lots of prizes they usually enter free competitions a few hours each day entering anything from 100-200 daily.   But where do you find all these comps daily you ask? Well, as well as this website and our other website ( there are many online competition websites as well as social media competitions, tv competitions, magazine competitions, radio competitions and also businesses who have competitions. We recommend joining some Facebook comping groups and pages. There are many to choose from. Just enter free competitions into the Facebook search bar and many groups and pages come up. This is also a great way to make some new comping friends and also helps you find more competitions. Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest also have similar pages and groups to join.


Tip 4.

It’s proven that people who have a more positive outlook seem to win more prizes. So don’t get disheartened if you don’t win, enter lots of competitions consistently and keep the faith that you might win!. As they say, think like a winner and you’ll be one!

If you need some help in this area we recommend doing some affirmations and trying a bit of manifesting techniques and reading up on the law of attraction. Its interesting and can help you in many areas of your life including luck!

More info on manifesting

More info on Law of Attraction

Free affirmation Mp3’s

Click here for more help on the law of attraction and affirmations

Tip 5.

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Good luck and inspiration also have a massive element to play in winning but just remember it is possible you just have to persevere and have fun with it. Just watch the YouTube video below. This grandma loves comping and does it as a hobby and has won a ridiculous amount of prizes so it can happen. We wish you all the best of luck out there and hope you win lots of prizes!



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