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If you would like to add a UK competition to this website or our social media platforms please read the following rules and instructions before submitting otherwise your competition will not be reviewed, published, or posted.

To add a social media competition

Twitter competitions– follow us & then tag us on your competition post and we will retweet it on our page.


Instagram competitions follow us & then tag us in the captions of tagged people when you post your competition @mycompetitionworld

Facebook Competitions like our page & then tag us in the competition post and if it meets the Facebook Competition requirements below we will repost it on our FB page. We cannot post any competition that does not follow Facebook’s rules so please read.

Facebook competition requirements


To add a competition to our website

For a competition to be published on our website the following rules apply.

  1. The competition has to be at least 2 weeks long
  2. The competition must be for UK residents.
  3. The competition title must be 4- 5 words and must be written in capital letters ie WIN  ….. ……. …….
  4. The image must be no more than 350 x350 pixels and be compressed before submitting. Click here to compress your image
  5. Post description must be a minimum of 200 words and tell people the following information;
  • What type of competition it is ie a free entry competition, paid entry, social media.
  • What company is hosting the competition
  • How the winner will be chosen
  • How the prize will be delivered
  • When the contest starts and ends
  • Who can enter your contest
  • How people can enter
  • A detailed description of the prize to be won

If any of these rules are not followed the competition will not be published.

Competitions we do not publish on our website
  1. Amazon Gift Card Competitions- We have too many of these competitions and so we can no longer accept them due to many duplicate competitions on the website which are the same.
  2. Duplicate Competitions- If we have a prize on our website already we will not post another prize that is exactly the same. For example if we already have a Macbook Pro competition will not post another. So please check on our search bar to see if we have a competition on our website that is the same as yours before submitting.

We do not affiliated competitions or advertise competition websites unless you are willing to collaborate with us or pay a small monthly subscription fee.   For more information about this please get in contact with us at  [email protected] or click here.

If you have read the terms and conditions above and have made sure that you have followed our rules please fill in the following form below to get your competition added to the website. If you haven’t followed the rules your competition will not be published.

Any spammy competitions will be removed.

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