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For a competition to be published on our website for free it is required that you write  a minimum of 300 characters for the description of your competition. In the description please include if your competition is free to enter or not and include the eligibility criteria or a link to the terms and conditions page. Before adding an image below please compress the image and resize it by Clicking here first. We recommend the image size to be 382×220 pixels. If these rules are not followed the competition will not be published.

We also do not publish duplicate competitions, so if your competition is offering the same prize that’s already on the website it will not be posted. 

We do not post affiliated competitions or advertise competition websites for free unless you are willing to put a link for on your website/blog  and give us a nice review ,alternatively you can pay a small monthly fee  . If you would like to do this please send us an email  [email protected]

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