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We love entering vacuum cleaner competitions so we were very happy when we found this Uk product testing competition which is free to enter for the chance to win a free Henry Hoover!

The great thing about product testing competitions is that they pick a new winner monthly which means that there are higher chances of winning. The downside is there is a little more effort involved as if you were selected the winner you would be required to test and review the product thoroughly and write a review of 500 words about it but then it’s yours to keep afterward.

Henry hoover is a great trusted brand and a very popular hoover to be had. Plus it has a cutie smiley face on it too. It is normally priced at £140 in the shops so it’s a good prize to be won.

So if your current vacuum cleaner is outdated, or just not up to what it used to be, or you just fancy a new one, it might be worth entering this free competition to see if you might be lucky enough to win, as it would save you forking out for a new one with your own money.

For the chance to enter click here!… Read the rest



Here is your chance to win the In Tech Bluetooth Fitness Smart Bracelet for free! It is a free-to-enter online competition for UK residents that is run by Jed’s.

The In Tech Bluetooth Fitness Smart Bracelet will help you get healthy by monitoring your exercise, with a pedometer, and it will count how many calories you have burned every day. So it is a great little tool for anyone wanting help to lose some extra weight and become healthier and fitter. The smart bracelet is compatible with both android and apple iOS devices. It can also connect to mobile phones for messages and incoming phone alerts! And there is also a Free fitness app included.

The UK competition is free to enter and win. All you have to do is simply answer the question on their website with the correct answer and then choose your winning numbers. Then just hope for the best that you will be the lucky person to win it.

The Competition closes on 6/12/2021 at 3 pm and there are only 100 free tickets to play/enter so get in there quick before it is too late!

The great thing about this competition is that the winner gets selected near Christmas so even if you don’t fancy this prize for yourself, it would also make a nice little Christmas present for any of your friends and family. So it’s worth entering we reckon!

Eligibility requirements- 18+ and must have a UK address.

For your chance to enter and win click here… Read the rest

win a free asus laptop


We love entering free laptop competitions so when we found this beauty on the web we thought you might like to enter it too. Its for the chance to win a free ASUS Laptop!! Its a product testing competition so if you are selected you will need to submit a review of the product but then after that its all yours to keep for free! Win!


This laptop has great reviews online getting 4.5 stars out of 5. Its has 4GB of RAM and is very light so great if you are always on the go, as it won’t weigh you down. The screen size is 11’6 so it doesn’t take up much space either. The ASUS E210MA  is worth £300 brand new in the shops right now so it s nice quality prize to win.

The verdict: We reckon it is a good competition to enter whether it be for yourself or if you have a loved one that you have in mind that might want to be really nice to and give them this as a lovely gift.

So if you are in it to win it and fancy your chances to win a  free ASUS Laptop click here or press the blue button above to go to the competition page where you can enter and get more information about the competition. The Terms and conditions will be on there too.

Good Luck to all entering!


 … Read the rest

win iphone x smartphone


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The iPhone X Smartphone is worth £999 but with this free online competition, it gives you the chance to win one absolutely free!

Its a UK product testing competitions so if you won you get to try the product first and review it and then you get to keep it afterwards for free.


So if you or a family member could do with a new smartphone why not enter as you never know you might just win it if you are lucky!

 … Read the rest

win a samsung s10 phone


This free competition is for the opportunity to win a Samsung S10 phone for free!

If need of a new phone and you like to uses Androids this is the competition for you to enter! if you win you would save yourself £799 out of your own money if you were to buy it yourself so its a good prize to win.

The Samsung S10 is a great reliable smartphone and one of the most popular right now on the market. Enter here to win for free !… Read the rest

win a free xbox series x


Have you got the Xbox Series X yet? This is your chance to not only try the new Xbox Series X but also to keep it for free afterwards!

The competition is a product testing competition that doesn’t cost you a thing to enter apart from a few moments of your time. So if you like gaming and fancy getting the newest games console for free why not give it a try!

The Xbox one is valued at £600 so if you were the lucky winner selected it would save you a lot of money rather than buying it yourself so you might as well try your luck! what have you got to lose!




 … Read the rest

win a shark duo vacuum cleaner


Are you in need of a new vacuum cleaner? If so this is a free UK competition to enter for the chance to win a free Shark Duo Vacuum Cleaner!

Shark Duo Vacuum Cleaners have a very good reputation and are one of the best makes of vacuum cleaners out there so it’s worth a shot entering as its free to enter and win!

The post WIN A SHARK DUO VACUUM! (UK) appeared first on Free Competitions.… Read the rest

win a apple ipad air


Fancy winning a free Apple iPad Air 4? Well here might be your chance to do just that .This is a free entry product testing competition to enter online!

Apple iPads are great for adults and kids. There are great apps you can download such as games, music programs like garage band , Tv apps like Netflix and many many more. A great prize which is worth £600 in the shops.

Click this link to enter!

The post WIN A APPLE IPAD AIR 4 FREE! (UK) appeared first on Free Competitions.… Read the rest



Need a new watch? Here is your chance to win a brand new free Apple iWatch 6 with this free to enter competition!!

The Apple iWatch 6 is not like any other watch. As well as telling you the time you can make telephone calls on it , send  messages, listen to music on it, track your fitness, pay for stuff without your cards as a lot of stores and download Apple apps on it too.

If not for you it would make an great present for any boy, girl, child or adult!

Click here to enter!

The post WIN THE NEW APPLE IWATCH 6 FREE!! (UK) appeared first on Free Competitions.… Read the rest

win £5000 - UK Singing Competition


This one is for all you singers out there! We have had a lot of requests from people who have asked us to find a UK singing competition and we finally found a great one. It is for the chance to win £5000 plus mentoring and marketing packages to help you become the star you were born to be!

You can apply and audition online and then once you are entered and have been accepted you will go to open mike shows across the UK and compete with other musicians who have entered. You get the chance to win £5000 in this UK Singing Competition!

They have a competition every year. Last years judges of the competition were from massively famous record labels such as Sony, Universal and Warner Studios! So by entering this competition you have more chance of getting noticed by the big boys in the music industry and if you have what it takes it could take you to the top. Also you will get genuine professional feedback from the professionals so it will also help you improve your singing and performance so even if you don’t end up winning you can improve your game and enter again the following year.

To audition you will need to send a video of you singing. This can be you singing a cover song or an original from any genre. You can sing acapella, use a backing track or play an instrument.

So don’t miss your chance to be a super star!

Enter here for the chance to WIN £5000 – UK SINGING COMPETITION!Read the rest

win a free fitbit versa lite


This a a free entry product testing competition where you get the chance to be selected to review a Fitbit Versa Lite then you get to keep it for free afterwards!

Click here to enter the competition!


So if you’ve been thinking about getting fit this is a great opportunity where you might get to win a Fitbit for free. Fitbits are usually priced around £140 in the shops so if you won you would save yourself some money.

The Fitbit Versa Lite has Heart Rate Tracking and its Water Resistant so you can even go in the pool with it or the shower. It has Apps & Notifications so you can play games with friends and compete with each other and have fun whilst you lose weight. It also Activity and sleep tracking so you can monitor how healthy you are being.… Read the rest

win free urban decay eyeshadow palette


If you are in need of some new makeup and wouldn’t mind getting your hands on some for free this is a free entry product testing competition to win an Urban Decay Ultimate Basis Eyeshadow Palette for free!


Click here to enter the competition!


If you did win you would get to try the eyeshadows first and then all you have to do is give your honest feedback and leave a review of the product. Then the eyeshadow palette is yours to keep for free!

No one can have enough makeup so what are you waiting for! Enter here for your chance to win!Read the rest

win a free asos shopping spree


If you could do with some new shoes and clothes here is a free online UK competition to win a free £250 Shopping Spree at ASOS!

You can buy a lot of clothes, pyjamas, accessories and shoes with 250 Pounds. You could get some new evening clothes to paint the town in or some new clothes for work and it would all be for free if you won! What a nice little treat for yourself. It’s free to enter so why not try as you won’t win if you don’t enter but you just might if you do!… Read the rest

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