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Competition World is run by compers for compers. Our aim is to try and find and provide all kinds of great competitions to enter from all over the web and to help our compers win great prizes! We originally started another website called Free Competitions (www.freecompetitions.co) in 2013 which provides hundreds of free online competitions, paid surveys and free stuff for the UK, US & Australia but after realising that most of our compers were from the UKĀ  we decided to create another website solely for our UK users.

We love to hear from our compers to see what their favourite competitions are to enter so we can try and find more of them. What kind of competitions do you prefer to enter and why? Please leave your suggestions in the comments box below. Also to help us come up with better competitions when we are hosting ones in the future what would suggest as a great prize to win?

We would love to hear your suggestions, what you like and what you want as we will do our best to try and find them on your web for you. Comment below and let us know what you want!


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