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Hello, speed enthusiasts! 🚗💥 Dreaming of the open road with a Mustang beneath you? Your dream might just become reality. Enter Mustang Giveaway and get a shot at this iconic beast.

Got the drive? Hit the gas and Enter Mustang Giveaway today. Your dream ride awaits!

The Ford Mustang is more than just metal and horsepower; it’s a legacy. Representing decades of American automotive excellence, it’s a blend of power, elegance, and thrill. With its head-turning design, heart-pounding performance, and the roar that’s music to any car lover’s ears, the Mustang is a true legend. Driving one isn’t just about transportation; it’s an experience, a statement of passion and adrenaline.

A little clarity on the road: As much as we’re amped about helping you Enter Mustang Giveaway, remember, we’re not the pit crew behind this race. We’re just your co-drivers, pointing out the track. For the full spec sheet, including all terms and the nitty-gritty, you’ll want to check out the official competition page on their website.

Thinking of the wind in your hair and the Mustang’s growl in your ears? We’re right there with you, hoping you snag the prize. Best of luck, racer! Here’s to hoping you’re the one burning rubber soon!


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Win iPhone 14


Hello, UK competition enthusiasts! Got your antennas up for some thrilling updates? Here’s your chance to win a free iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 UK Giveaway is now live, offering you a golden opportunity at Apple’s latest gem. Just think about it: navigating, tapping, and capturing moments with a pristine iPhone 14!

A quick note: As excited as we are to spread the word about this chance to win a free iPhone 14, keep in mind we’re only the heralds. We aren’t the organizers; we’re just ensuring our comping community is in the loop for this fantastic chance.

For the terms and conditions and all other essential details, you’ll find everything on their website. Just click the red button above!

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WIN A FREE PLAYSTATION 5! The Ultimate Gaming Experience Awaits!

Attention all gaming enthusiasts! Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, a casual player, or searching for the perfect gift for a gaming aficionado in your life, we have an exciting opportunity that you won’t want to miss. Dive into the world of immersive gaming by entering our free UK competition now for a chance to bag the latest and most sought-after gaming console – the PlayStation 5!

The PlayStation 5, often abbreviated as PS5, is the pinnacle of gaming technology. It boasts lightning-fast loading times, ultra-high-speed SSD, ray tracing, and a library of breathtaking games that promise to transport you to new worlds. This state-of-the-art console is not just an upgrade; it’s a revolutionary gaming experience that redefines what consoles can do.

Retailing at £439, the PS5 is a premium piece of tech that offers value for every penny. But here’s the kicker – you can get your hands on it without spending a dime! Yes, you read that right. Our free entry competition gives you the golden ticket to potentially save a whopping £439 and become the proud owner of a brand-new PlayStation 5.

Why spend your hard-earned money when you can win it for free? This isn’t just a competition; it’s an invitation to be part of the next generation of gaming. Whether you’re looking to elevate your gaming sessions or surprise someone special with the ultimate gaming gift, this is your chance.

To recap:

  • Free Entry: No purchase necessary. Simply enter and stand a chance to win.
  • Save £439: Why pay when you can play? Win and save yourself a significant sum.
  • Next-Gen Gaming: Experience the future of gaming with the PlayStation 5.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of owning … Read the rest



Enter the free contest on Wholistic Natural Health’s social media this month for a chance to win free essential oil blend prizes!

The winner may select between the menopause support blend or the anxiety relief spray.

For more chances to win, you can enter on both Facebook and Instagram.



On their website, there are full terms and conditions.… Read the rest


Wholistic Natural Health are having another monthly social media giveaway for the chance to win a solar phone charger free .

If you want to reconnect with nature while still using your smartphone to remain in touch with family and friends, this is a great camping companion to have. It has a lighter for a fire and a camping flashlight on it, making it multipurpose and solar-powered in case of an emergency. Additionally, it is dust and water-resistant!

T&Cs on their websiteRead the rest



Every month, Wholistic Natural Health holds social media competitions on Facebook and Instagram where one of their lucky followers can win free goods! You can win a free Himalayan salt lamp as this month’s prize!

Prize details

The lamp plugs into a USB port and has a multi-color changing feature; installation is not required because it contains an LED light within. It looks great as décor for your house or place of business and can help you manage your anxiety. Excellent lighting and air purification are both provided. By discharging negative ions into the air, it purifies the air in a similar way to an ioniser.

The Entry Process

They can be liked and followed on Facebook, Instagram, or both. If you enter on both Facebook and Instagram, your chances of winning are doubled since each network allows for one entry. like the post on social media
Don’t forget to tag any relatives or friends who you believe would be interested in participating.

Main Terms & conditions

The prize recipient will be chosen at random. As soon as you’ve been tagged, let them know right away if you’ve won. Your name will appear in their social media story and post! If you haven’t gotten in touch with them by then, they will choose another winner.

eligibility: aged 18 and over

Visit their website to get the whole terms and conditions for how to win a free Himalayan salt lamp.Read the rest

win a free video doorbell


if you missed out on the last time we found another competition to win a free video doorbell, no need to worry we have found a new chance for you to win a video doorbell for free with this new online competition we found online!

This doorbell is worth £260 in the shops. If you win you get to try it first and leave a review and then it’s yours to keep! So why spend 260 pounds of your own money when you can see if you can win this one for free! It’s worth a shot anyway.

To enter and read the terms and conditions please click here to go to the competition page.… Read the rest

win a ps5


The new PlayStation 5 is up for grabs again! I bet there were lots of sad faces last time when we found a competition to win the Playstation 5 last year but you will be happy to know we happened to find a new one to win a PS5 free! So if you missed out last time, this could be your lucky chance!

The Playstation 5 is the newest model out and it is more amazing than the PS4! It has better graphics and super quick load times. Another bonus  about the Playstation 5 is that you can still use all your PS4 games on it too.

So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a gamer and love love playing games this is a great opportunity to get your hands on one for free!

The post WIN A FREE PLAYSTATION 5! (UK) appeared first on Free Competitions.… Read the rest

win free cleaning bundle


We have just found a great free prize draw to enter for the chance to win a free cleaning bundle! It is free to enter and they pick a new winner every month so there are multiple chances of winning! The lucky winner will receive £25 B&M Gift card to spend on certain cleaning products. More info such as terms and conditions etc, will be on the competition page of their website which you can get to by clicking the button below.

 … Read the rest



If you and your family love drinking Coke this is a great online competition we have found to enter for you, where you get the chance to win 6 Coca-Cola Crates! That is a lot of Coco Cola! If you won you would get a different crate of each of their drinks so not just Coca-Cola. You will get a crate of Diet Coke, a crate of Coke Zero, a crate of Cherry Cola, a crate of caffeine-free coca-cola, and a crate of vanilla Coka Cola. So you are guaranteed to get a crate of at least one flavor that you like. You could give a different crate to a different family member or you could have them all to yourself!

So if you love entering competitions to help save you money this one would be handy for the New year and theres nothing to lose to enter either which we like very much.

This competition is free to enter and is especially great for anyone with a large family as this would save you a fortune if you won. The giveaway is run through Nectar Contests and the winner will be selected at the end of the year (31st December 21). They will announce the winner within seven days after the competition has ended.

To enter to win 6 crates of Coca-Cola click here!

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Calling all coffee addicts!! This is a chance to win a free Costa Coffee Giftcard worth £500 with this free entry online competition! Think of how many coffees you could buy for £500! That could last you a whole year or even longer.


If you won you could treat yourself to a yummy professional coffee and a piece of cake every day! It would save you a lot of your own money so you could spend all your cash on more important things. It’s free to enter too! The great thing about this competition is there are lots of Costa Coffee shops everywhere nowadays so there’s always one nearby to get to and they do awesome baps, croissants, and cakes too which can go with your coffee.

So if you are a fellow coffee fiend this is a competition worth entering!

This free online competition is for anyone eighteen years of age or older that is residing in the United Kingdom.

To enter for your chance to win a Costa Coffee Giftcard click here!

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